Your Personal Social Responsibility

Published: Wed 13 Jan 2016
A blog entry by Anders H. Lier

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Anders H. Lier
President & CEO

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COP21 in Paris showed that world leaders now are serious about tackling climate change. This is good news for all of us - and especially those of us focused on energy efficiency. The ambition from Paris will call for real change and it will have to be taken to the level of each individual's behaviour if we are to be successful. Therefore, I am convinced that our industry will increasingly focus on personal energy data and enable the consumer to become personally accountable for consumption and behaviors. The idea of personal accountability will go far and deep: Measuring in real-time how much electricity you use, knowing where it comes from and bringing renewable energy that you produce back onto the grid or storing it so that you can use it when prices are high.

Personal energy data makes sense for people and the planet. It is the responsible way to use technology. Giving people the information that they deserve to know. The Energy Union, launched this year, focus on increasing people’s energy security, accessing renewable energy and increasing energy efficiency. Enoro’s technology helps save energy, a new source of energy. So by becoming energy efficient we are helping save our planet.

 Taking wise business decisions, developing sustainable technologies and business models is not just a corporate social responsibility. It is a personal social responsibility. 

 Given where we live and work, our skills and networks we have been given incredible opportunities to innovate, shape and create a future for our business and our children. But with opportunities come responsibilities. A responsibility to not only learn, but also one to return.

 Each of us have this personal social responsibility, which is equally important to a more familiar term: corporate social responsibility. It is about being a responsible human being in the society where we live and work. It is about learning to return. It is about taking care of what is around us so that the people around us and the planet we live on is left better off when when we first started to learn.

All the best for 2016 - a year that I am convinced will make it increasingly interesting to be in our business!