Who is the next Airbnb® in Energy trading?

Published: Thu 06 Oct 2016
A blog entry by Patrick Bauduin

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While Airbnbhttp://polo.feathr.co/analytics/crumb?b_h=652&b_w=1280&s_h=768&s_w=1280&path=%2Fconference%2F77&host=programme.emart-energy.com&flvr=page_view&ref=http%3A%2F%2Fprogramme.emart-energy.com%2Fconference%2Fall&a_id=578902f68e802757a2b3a2a9® is disrupting the hotel sector and Uber is doing the same for the taxi industry, the question is whether a similar development will disrupt the world of energy trading.


There is no shortage on new initiatives that are eligible to become the next Airbnb® in Energy trading. Peer-to-peer platforms are being proposed all across Europe.


In the United Kingdom, ‘Open Utility’ has just successfully concluded a 6-month pilot of an “online peer-to-peer market for renewable energy” called Piclo. James Johnston, Open Utility’s CEO, says that transparency and choice are the keys to success in the electricity market. More and more energy consumers want to buy renewable electricity from local generators. The Piclo Platform gives them the ability to provide customers with the data and control over their energy supply chain through an online service.


In the Netherlands ‘Vandebron’ enables consumers to buy their power directly from independent renewable energy producers. By cutting out the utility company, producers make more and consumers pay less.


‘Enwire’ is another Dutch platform that is about to launch and also will facilitate peer-to-peer trade of energy with a platform controlled by local renewable energy producers and energy consumers.


In Germany, the market leader for residential energy storage, Sonnen, launched an energy trading platform; the Sonnen Community. They are combining solar power, advanced battery technology, and a digital community, to enable the delivery, storage, use, and trade of clean and affordable energy.


Some of these peer-to-peer platforms (a.o. James Johnston, Open Utility’s CEO) will engage in a battle of minds with representatives of traditional energy traders during the closing session of EMART Energy (3 - 4 November, Amsterdam) to discuss the future of energy trading, the changing role of the energy trader and to answer the question: Who is the Airbnb® in Energy trading?