What is wrong with ticking the boxes?

Published: Fri 02 May 2014
A blog entry by Alexandra Ashikhmina

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Alexandra Ashikhmina
Oil Council

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Just read a short article in Lancaster Guardian about shale gas vs anti-frackers which, if i was to retell, wouldn't make any sense at all. So I won't.

The fundamental idea is clear: anti-frackers don't want oil and gas companies to treat health and safety like a tick box exercise. 


I honestly tried to find more information about what exactly they mean by tick box exercise, what health and safety check lists already exist, what anyone has against tick box exercises (seriously, have I been doing it all wrong by living my life by to do lists and box ticking applications?). 

So, without more information I won't continue debating this matter, but what is interesting, lies below.


Comments to that article.

One commentator suggested that operator's CEO and his family should drink what they pump underground 

The person who was asking for more information recieved three "unlikes"

The same person who supports chemical poisoning also felt that the plants will feed on chemicals that will travel all the way to the surface from the horizontal well thousands of metres underground

Ignorant violence prevails! Best pre-weekend conclusion