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Published: Wed 14 Sep 2016
A blog entry by Adedamola Adeleke

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Adedamola Adeleke
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Stats on the 'relaunched' Metering.com are shared by Claire Volkwyn, editor, Metering & Smart Energy International.

Websites are funny things. We rely on them to showcase our brand and in our case, provide some insight into what is happening in the world of Metering & Smart Energy on a daily basis. Yet, often, we don’t  fully appreciate the value they add, nor do we (editorial ‘we’ that is) think to share the great strides we are making every day on our site.

So today I thought I’d share some stats with you:

We relaunched the design and functionality of Metering.com in early December 2015 as part of a campaign to improve our digital offering to users and clients. Our objectives were clear - to increase the number of industry members using the websites and also to boost their engagement with its content in terms of pages visited and time on site.

Comparing the six-month period before the relaunch (6 July- 6 Dec 2015) with the equivalent period after the redesign (7 Dec 15 - 7 July 2016), the stats indicate robust growth in several key metrics:

Sessions volume increased by 32%

Users volume increased by 27.4%

Pageviews increased by 48.9%

Pages viewed per session increased by 12.6%

Average session duration increased by 15.93%.

In addition, we have been working on updating and refreshing our database to ensure that the magazine is hitting the right desks at the right locations. As a result, you may find that you have not received your print edition recently, and if this is the case – now is the time to let us know so we can update your details and ensure you are getting the most comprehensive metering and smart energy resource delivered directly to your desk!

PS;  By the way – have you secured your exhibition space at European Utility Week yet? We’ll be there and would love to meet up with our readers and partners on site. Get in touch to set up a meeting before your diary (and ours) are full! Hasta pronto!

More from Metering & Smart Energy International

In the US, the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission has granted smart utility firm NineStar Connect approval to expand its utility business. The firm was given permission by the commission to operate as a water and sewer services firm. [Indiana utility gets regulator approval for expansion]. The approval of NineStar Connect to increase its operations in the utilities sector makes the firm the first rural cooperative in the US to provide services in electricity, fiber optic communications, water and sewer sectors as a single company.

The Zambian government has partnered with the EU to ensure grid reliability through implementation of energy efficiency programmes. The two parties launched a platform to formulate a roadmap to improve the country’s energy conservation and management.through energy efficiency programmes. [EU helps Zambia plan energy efficiency programmes]. The project Energy Efficiency Quick Win Actions and Specific Electricity Indicators Programme will help its participants lower power usage and costs to help the country address its power deficit challenge.

US utility Consumers Energy announced its plans to continue modernising its distribution network to improve its operations and customer service in Michigan. [Consumers Energy upgrades distribution network in Michigan]. The utility firm serving 6.7 million gas and electric consumers in Peninsula counties is upgrading its 29,000-mile natural gas distribution network to enhance its service to some 1.7 million customers in lower Michigan.

Navigant Research forecasts spending in the global demand response management systems market to grow from $46.1 million in 2016 to $232.3 million in 2025. Brett Feldman, principal research analyst at Navigant Research, commented: “As the scale and complexity of DR programmes has increased over the last decade, operational reliability has become more critical, and the choices of communication protocols and devices have expanded. [Centralised management and control drives DR market growth]. “There is a need for more centralised management and control, similar to the power generation side of the electricity market,” added Feldman.

US electric cooperative Pennyrile Electric partnered with advanced distribution management systems firm Survalent to enhance management of its grid network. The utility cooperative serving 47,000 members in Pennyrile in Kentucky state integrated Survalent’s SCADA system with power distribution system. [Kentucky utility boosts grid management with SCADA]. The deployment of the SCADA solution, which includes Survalent's SmartVU, Survalent’s WebSurv, SurvCentral, IED Wizard, Control Panel and GIS Wizard applications is  expected to deliver real time insight into how the grid is operating.