Top 5 Reasons To Switch To Renewable Energy

Published: Wed 02 Apr 2014
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Renewable energy is a hot topic the environment preservation arena and continues to gain prominence as Mother Earth keeps showing keeps showing signs of damage due to increasing pollution, global warming, greenhouse gases, etc. Many environmentalists advocate going green by embracing renewable energy as it is an eco-friendly alternative to non-renewable energy sources.

There’s no denying the fact non-renewable sources of energy, such as fossil fuels, coal and oil cannot be recreated and have extremely harmful repercussions on the biodiversity. In fact, we might soon run out of these resources and due to the increased dependence on them for power and fuel, their deposits are fast depleting.

Conversely, renewable sources of energy can be replenished and can serve the same purposes as their non-renewable counterparts. These abundant and sustainable energy sources can curtail our dependence on fossil fuels, thus reducing their negative impacts on humans, other species and their habitats.

In this post, we would be looking at some reasons we need to switch from non-renewable to renewable sources of energy.

Limited Sources of Energy

Non- renewable energy sources will get exhausted sooner or later. Either that or they will become very expensive, so that they are used to a minimum due to the short supply. This is when our dependency on them will become a burden on us as our infrastructure, vehicles and general lifestyle will not be in tandem with using alternative sources of energy. One cannot just stop using non-renewable energy and switch to green energy as it requires support infrastructure. It takes time to do so. Hence, it makes sense to start now.

Harmful To the Ecosystem

The recent climate changes and extreme weather conditions are testimony to the fact that global warming is very real. Global warming is the outcome of greenhouse gas emissions which are a byproduct of burning fossil fuels for energy generation. On the other hand, solar, wind and hydro energy have no harmful derivatives or effects on the ecology and can generate ample amounts of energy. However, manufacturing of some parts of wind turbines and other components of alternative energy systems is dependent on fossil fuel inputs.

Hence, it is not just important to shift electricity generation from finite sources to infinite ones, but we also need to start working on shifting the manufacturing systems to non-renewable sources.

Not Pocket Friendly

Afraid of looking at your monthly electricity bill amount? Switching to renewable sources of energy can spare you the trauma. While they may be a tad expensive to install, the long-term savings of using alternative energy are tremendous. Non-renewable energy sources might be conveniently available for now, but one look at the electricity and fuel bills makes you fall of your chair.  Let renewable sources of energy provide you with fall protection with its pocket-friendly bills despite having used it to power your electric car regularly.

Employment Generation

Renewable energy industry is more of a labor-intensive one as compared to its mechanized and capital and fossil fuel-driven counterpart. This implies that more employment opportunities are created for every unit of electricity generated from renewable sources than from fossil fuels. These opportunities can come in capacities ranging from manufacturing, project development, construction and turbine installation, operations and maintenance to transportation and logistics, and financial, legal, and consulting services.

Be Future Ready

Due to limited fossil fuel deposits left, it is just a matter of time before we are forced to adopt green energy in our day to day life. Even if the remaining deposits last throughout our lifetime, they surely won’t be around to cater to the needs of our grandchildren. Hence, it makes sense to start making the switch early to be ready for the future as the need for energy is only going to increase. What remains to be seen is if people will consciously adopt renewable sources of energy, or will they wait till feel that they have no choice but to cross that bridge.

To Conclude

In order to save nature, or whatever is left of it, we need to change not just our energy sources, but also our attitude towards environmental conservation. Only an attitudinal change can guarantee the successful and timely transformation as well as implementation. Governmental efforts to do so will also require public and private cooperation throughout the change.

From the looks of it, there is a possibility that we would take a long time to go green, at least until the threat of complete depletion of fossil fuels starts to loom large. However, humans have witnessed many surprising miracles in the past, so all hope is not lost.  Maybe the change will take place soon. Even so, the environment will take a while to heal as the damage caused to it in the past few decades has been immense.