Sustainability 24 2014 - Driving Competitiveness through Sustainability

Published: Wed 16 Jul 2014
A blog entry by Isobel Chillman

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Isobel Chillman
Programme Delivery Manager

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Last month Engerati got involved with Sustainability 24, Accenture’s ambitious 12-hour live broadcast event aimed at 'inspiring business leaders to achieve growth and competitiveness through sustainable business practices'.

The focus for this years event was 'Driving competitiveness through sustainability', bringing together business leaders, government decision makers, authors, analysts and stakeholders from around the world.

"Sustainability 24 is about driving innovation and growth while making a positive impact on the global economy, the environment and global communities."

Pierre Nanterme, Chairman & CEO, Accenture

73 speakers from 28 locations discussed and debated some of the most essential sustainability issues alongside inspiring stories from transformational business leaders.

Watch online

Accenture have now made the session videos available online, so if you were not able to attend Sustainability 24 or you'd simply like to re-watch one of the debates, check out the Sustainability 24 Website.

"Let me thank Accenture for organizing this panel online. There are too many conferences around the world on topics like this and most of the time it includes flying to places. It’s actually cool to do this on the internet. So thanks for that.”

Peter Bakker, President & CEO, World Business Council for Sustainable Development