Smarter grids for more renewable energy in Europe: Siemens workshop at E-world 2014

Published: Mon 03 Mar 2014
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The growth in renewable generation is one of the greatest challenges to power distribution networks -- and it takes a smart grid to handle this well. While European energy policymakers wrestle with harmonizing the continent's complex regulatory patchwork, the technology to put more renewable energy onto Europe's power networks marches forward.

In a recent Electric Light & Power article, top Siemens executives noted:

"Substation automation is integral to building a more intelligent grid -- and this is the nerve center for many utility operations. Managing millions of data points each second, a substation must be able to operate effectively and manage this data to provide information for the utility and end users.

"Communication technology makes this data management possible. It provides the ability to send and receive data from remote grid locations. Also, by embedding advanced communication technology in the distribution network, utilities can more effectively monitor power networks, manage load usage, improve reliability and reduce operational costs."

On 12 Feb at the E-world conference and trade fair in Essen, Germany, a special four-hour workshop led by Siemens will explore intelligent distribution network options -- and how they can benefit utilities and other power industry players.

In this session, Intelligent distribution networks in the smart grid, distribution network operators will explain how they've integrated renewables into their networks, and what they've learned from this experience. They also will cover technology options to optimize distribution networks.

Topics will include:

  • Centralized and decentralized network management
  • Virtual power plants
  • Demand response
  • Active network management
  • Next-generation SCADA
  • Security -- which according to a recent IDC report remains a top investment priority for European utilities.

When & Where: 12 Feb. 2014, 1:30-5:30 pm, conference room S/T. Agenda

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