Siemens, Accenture join forces in new smart grid joint venture, Omnetric Group

Published: Fri 02 May 2014
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Today Siemens and Accenture unveiled the completion of their new smart grid joint venture, Omnetric Group. This company will combine Siemens' leading energy product portfolio with Accenture's recognized smart grid systems integration, consulting and managed services.

Initially announced at European Utility Week 2013, Omnetric Group is now ready to provide utilities around the world with advanced smart grid solutions and services. The focus will be primarily on data management and systems integration, with the goal of enhancing energy efficiency, grid operations and reliability.

With this unique blend of strengths, Omnetric Group is especially well positioned to help utilities bridge the IT/OT "silos" (information technology vs. operational technology). This common internal division often hinders how quickly utilities can realize full benefits from smart grid technologies and strategies.

Omnetric Group solutions will provide utilities with an integrated view of their systems and data, as well as support advanced analysis and decision making.

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