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Published: Wed 12 Aug 2015
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The cost of living is rising on all fronts.  From energy to food, there hasn't been a sector which has stayed low.  This has made getting the most for every dollar you spend more vital than before.  One front which lends a lot of power to people is their house.  People have a plethora of options, which is still growing, available for reducing energy and water consumption which saves them money in the long run.  The biggest challenge is disseminating this valuable information to homeowners. 

Today we're going to review a few methods homeowners can implement which will save them money in the long run for certain and potentially in the short term.

Sump Pumps

If your home has a basement that sees flooding then there are a couple ways of dealing with it.  One way is to landscape the property surrounding your house, so that it slopes away and keeps rain from pooling next to it, but they may not be very feasible or cost effective.  An easier and more cost effective method is to install a Tsurumi sump pump in your basement which is energy efficient and will provide you with free garden water.

With a sump pump you can drain the water out of your basement in a cheap manner when it’s needed and you can have it set up so that the pipe where the water is pumped out connects to a hose.  This hose can then be directed to different parts of your property where you need water, such as your garden.  An energy efficient pump is far less expensive than landscaping and it saves you money on your water bill because it can be used to help water.


There is a number of roofing solutions available for saving homeowners money in the long run.

White Roofing - If the area you live in is hotter most of the year and experiences a lot of sunlight then installing a white roof will reflect the solar energy from the sun and reduce the amount of heat absorbed by the roof. 

Solar panels – the cost of solar panels has dropped steeply in the last ten years and their quality has improved.  Solar panels also reduce the amount of heat being directly absorbed by the house.

Green Roofs – another form of roofing is creating a garden on your roof.  There are a few different ways this can be done, and it mostly comes down to what you want to grow on your roof and what the roof can support in the way of weight.

The nice part about all of these methods is they reduce the energy consumption of your home, which saves you money and they are good for the environment.  The result is win-win, so make the most out of your house and don't let it be an energy vampire.