Preventing power outages with Fusesaver (DistribuTECH 2014 video)

Published: Mon 03 Mar 2014
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Medium-voltage overhead spur power lines, protected by fuses, remain common -- especially in rural areas. The trouble is, the briefest fault on these lines can easily blow a fuse and cause a downstream outage, potentially affecting many customers. Replacing fuses costs both time and money, in additon to customer inconvenience.

Fortunately, most fuse-related power outages can be prevented. Approximately 80% of all line faults are temporary disruptions caused by strong winds, tree branches, animals, and other common issues. Siemens has a solution to address this situation.

The Siemens Fusesaver circuit breaker prevents damage to fuses during temporary faults. It can clear faults in under 6ms (less than half a cycle), and then reclose to resume power delivery. In the case of permanent faults, Fusesaver restricts blown fuses to the affected phase, thus containing the impact of a fault. Press release

At DistribuTECH, Siemens Product Manager Marc Lao explained that Fusesaver is the fastest circuit breaker available today. "It can help utilities increase reliability and network availability, while reducing operating costs and achieving a quick return on investment," he said.

Lao also noted that Fusesaver is a plug-and-play product that's fast to implement, and it also comes with substantial support from Siemens.

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