Powervault Blog Part 4 - Dynamic Demand Challenge Finalists

Published: Fri 04 Apr 2014
A blog entry by Isobel Chillman

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Isobel Chillman
Programme Delivery Manager

Isobel Chillman's Blog

By Joe Warren, Finalist, PowerVault

It's hard to believe that it's been six weeks since I started working at Powervault - the time has flown by.  As I said last month, it is great to join Powervault at this exciting time.  One of the things I have enjoyed most is talking to people about the Powervault product.  It is easy to explain.  The Powervault team have put great effort into simplifying the product to make it simple to use and install. There is a clear benefit to the customer - saving money on their electricity bills. The product looks great and is something customers will be proud to install and own.

Our vision is to commercialise energy storage by creating opportunities for consumers to benefit directly from it.

We have been very busy planning for our beta trial of twenty Powervault energy storage units.  These are going to be installed mainly in homes with solar energy, but we are also looking at including a small business, economy 7 and wind connected properties.  It's great to start working with the various partners on the project.  These include a solar installer, who has already found customers who are eager to test our device to see how much it could save them.  

We are also working with the National Energy Foundation to bring some external expertise into the monitoring side of the field trial.  Finally, we have been in discussions with a contract manufacturer about manufacturing some of the units so that we can start the process of cost-engineering the product.  Meanwhile, the product is undergoing CE testing so that we can begin the trial in the summer.  The trial will run for around eight months so that we can see the effect of seasonality on performance.  We will also find out what customers really think of our design, and which features are most important to them.

Over the next six weeks we will recruiting trial customers and completing the initial development work required prior to manufacture and roll-out of our products to beta customers.  We will also be working intensively on our Nesta business plan - a useful opportunity to review where we are, and the best way to commercialise our product.  

Finally, we are also looking for a Project Engineer with experience in electronic engineering to join our team.  We have an extensive product road-map and lots of exciting work to do to deliver on it.  If you, or anyone you know might be interested in working with us - please don't hesitate to get in touch with us here: contact@powervault.co.uk.

We have not only been enjoying the recent sunshine outside the office, but we also see the Powervault lighting up when it charges itself with solar energy.  As we get into summer we are really going to be pushing the Powervault device to its limits, moving many kWh of energy every day.

I look forward to sharing more of Powervault's progress with you over the coming months...

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