Power solution for Telematics, Zigbee, RF, Dash7, SCADA standard device

Published: Mon 23 Dec 2013
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jack lee
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 With the appearing of various high technical products designed with Zigbee, RF, Dash7, SCADA standard which requires a low back ground power cost and extended life span , the issue for a battery as a back up power resource that can offer a reliable and long term life sustainability ideally the same period with the device is arising, especially in a extremely harsh environment where the replacement for a back-up power is barely accessible.

Among the different battery chemistries available for a long term use in remote wireless device, lithium thionyl chloride battery ( Li-SOCl2 chemistry ) with 3.6V nominal opening voltage is overwhelmingly preferred due to its very low self discharge rate ( less than 1% per year) and therefore has a more than 10 years storage life time, conventionally, it is being widely used for automatic utility meter readings which has a low current drain at a standby status.

Given its contracture differences, lithium thionyl chloride battery falls into two series, Bobbin series and spirally wound series. Bobbin series have a relatively higher capacity but lower pulse current mostly applied for a low current pulse drain device, on the contrast, spirally wound series with a jelly roll contracture is mainly applied for the device required a high pulse drain from 1000mA ( AA size, ER14505M ) to 3500mA ( D size ER34615M ).

Main application areas including:

Automatic meter reading ( water meter, electricity meter, gas meter, heat meter…), heat cost allocator, Telematics device, GPS / GPRS tracking, mobile asset tracking, stolen vehicle recover system, PIR senor, indoor temperature sensor, smoke detector, data logger, irrigation monitoring, RF digital locks / drawers, remote wireless monitoring device, cardiac monitoring, RFID, zigbee, dash7, SCADA standard related device and so on….

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