#MicroGrid Twitter Q&A with @AlstomGrid and @Nice_Grid:

Published: Wed 03 Jun 2015
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In advance of Alstom’s live webinar titled ‘Build your Microgrid learning from the NiceGrid experience,’ Engerati conducted a live Twitter Q&A with Alstom’s Vice President, Smart Gird Solutions, Laurent Schmitt and Thomas Drizard, NiceGrid Project Engineer, ERDF.

The Q&A was an opportunity for energy professionals to put their questions about Microgrid to an expert panel offering insight, analysis and points of discussion around the growing deployments of renewable sources of energy. The Q&A had a social reach of over 6,000 and made over 85,000 impressions.

Below are some of the key questions that were covered in the session. To ask your questions to Laurent and Thomas, make sure you register for tomorrow’s live webinar here.

Question 1:

“@laurentschmitt What are the benefits of integrating renewable energy with MicroGrids? #AskEngerati” 

“@Engerati enable to balance investments in physical grid infrastructures versus smart investments in IT, coms and controls #AskEngerati”

“@Engerati very natural way forward for Smart technology roll out for utilities such as @erdf having largely developed their SmartGrid skills #AskEngerati”

Question 2: 

“Our second question is for Thomas (@Nice_Grid) How do MicroGrids deal with the uncertain ups and downs of wind and solar power? #AskEngerati”

“@Engerati Within the @Nice_Grid project, microgrid deals with PV constraint (voltage and current) by allocating local flexibilities #AskEngerati”

Question 3:

“@laurentschmitt does it allow for the delay or offsetting of transmission infrastructure? #AskEngerati”

“@Engerati for grid areas where investments are significant or complex they allow to maximise renewables and maintain grid resiliency #AskEngerati”

Question 4:

“@laurentschmitt so what are the technology advances which are making all this happen? #AskEngerati”

“@Engerati first progress into Standardisation @Nice_Grid has been built on latest Architecture Models from @IECStandards #AskEngerati”

“@Engerati second the introduction of new IP based real-time communication accross HV/MV/LV substations with layered controls #AskEngerati”

“@Engerati third new big data processing bringing flexibility to scale up on a very large scale while business model matures #AskEngerati”

Question 5:

“@Nice_Grid How does the NiceGrid connect with the existing Grid utility architectures? #AskEngerati”

“@Engerati TSO and DSO enter their flexibility requests on a dedicated portal, the NEM is hosted and managed by the DSO #AskEngerati”

Question 6:

“@laurentschmitt with all the real time what do power engineers need so focus on when evaluating #microgrids #AskEngerati”

“@Engerati power engineers need to refine their cost benefit analysis, zooming on the constrained grid area with #microgrids #AskEngerati”

Question 7:

“@laurentschmitt do you think this microgird architecture will become the new normal for T&D networks? #AskEngerati"

“@Engerati absolutely microgrids will both develop at Grid edge behind the meter as well embedded within critical grid pockets #AskEngerati”

“@Engereati all coordinated through Distribution Grid operators having to become new Market facilitators as prototyped @Nice_Grid @Grid4EU #AskEngerati”

Question 8:

“@Nice_Grid Who should invest in a MicroGrid? #AskEngerati”

“@Engerati both private investors and grid utilities are potential investors depending on the Microgrid location #AskEngerati”

Question 9:

“@laurentschmitt is this bigdata model cloudbased? and does it give a whole new view of the system #AskEngerati”

“@Engerati the core technology platform resides on @erdf premise it provides a new DSO User Interface to monitor Grid edges #AskEngerati”

Question 10:

“@Nice_Grid Which types of forecast are used for #NiceGrid project? #AskEngerati”

“@Engerati We use PV generation and load forecast in order to predict grid contraints (to determine flexibility needs) #AskEngerati”


To see the full Twitter Q&A click here or search #AskEngerati

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