Managing the Unexpected: Live demos of Siemens outage management (DistribuTECH 2014)

Published: Tue 28 Jan 2014
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Managing the unexpected is a big part of how utilities keep the lights on. This includes preparing to minimize the chance and scope of power outages, and to diagnose outages when they do occur and restore power as quickly as possible.

This week at DistribuTECH in San Antonio, Texas, Siemens will offer live demonstrations of how utilities are using the latest technology to monitor and manage outages.

LIVE DEMOS: When the Unexpected Happens, Siemens Answers 
Siemens booth, #1647
  • Tues. Jan. 28: 11-11:15 am; and 5-5:15pm.
  • Wed. Jan. 29, 11:45 am - noon; and 4-4:15pm.

It all starts with preparation: reviewing your distribution network with experts who can help spot your most vulnerable circuits and formulate contingency plans. This process takes into account not just the prospect of severe weather or sudden demand spikes, but also the potentially destabilizing influence of renewables and distributed generation.

Consultants from Siemens Power Technologies International offer more than power grid expertise; they also use tools to gather and analyze data from SCADA, net metering and other systems to provide deeper insight into a utility's challenges and opportunities to enhance reliability.

The demos at DistribuTECH will highlight real-world examples where Siemens PTI helped utilities respond proactively to reliability issues, by implementing the Spectrum Power Advanced Distribution Management System as well as other measures:

  • Substation automation (including intelligent feeder devices)
  • Switching solutions
  • Adapting circuit configurations
  • Updating the dynamic operating model to reflect the state of the grid in real time
  • Integrating demand response to help rebalance load
  • …And more.

These and other improvements can enhance reliability even if a utility has not yet fully deployed smart metering.

In the live demos, see how these measures can work together to help a utility identify outage problems and restore power during a simulated severe weather event.

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