M2M Challenge Energy Category Winner and Runners-Up

Published: Tue 25 Feb 2014
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Smart Grids and Energy Management for Sustainability and Efficiency
In order to reduce our carbon footprint and to achieve a sustainable use of our resources, government regulations worldwide considerably increased the need to reduce our energy consumption. As a result new and innovative ideas for smarter and more economical use of energy have to be implemented. Only with the right tools to transfer data it is possible to efficiently measure and control energy consumption – and this is where M2M technology comes into play.
Category Winner
Intelligent Lighting Control System, by Dazzletek
The Dazzletek Lighting Control System is a wireless system that is able to monitor, switch and dim any lighting object that is controlled by a ballast.
The system consists of: lighting control modules, which are placed inside the luminaire and are connected via a radiofrequency signal. A gateway, that receives and sends the radiofrequency signals. A software control tool (back office system), for the system control.
The modules are connected via a radiofrequency network signal. The gateway sends the information from the modules to the software control tool and from the software control tool to the modules. The software control tool is running on a web based server.
Systech Modular M2M Gateway, by Systech Corporation
The Systech® SysLINK™ M2M Gateway enables remote access to a wide variety of sensors and devices for monitoring and control purposes. The SysLINK M2M Gateway is a full-function router, including DHCP, NAT, VPN, and firewall capabilities. With enterprise quality remote management, network configuration options can be changed or updated via remote control.
The key to supporting various M2M applications is modularity and flexibility. Unlike other solutions, the modular SysLINK M2M Gateway provides interface slots that may be optionally populated to extend the features and functionality of the gateway. Optional wireless interfaces include Wi-Fi, 2G/3G/4G LTE cellular, ZigBee, Z-Wave, and Bluetooth. It also supports upgradability in the field. The SysLINK gateway can bridge a wide variety of protocols and standards, while providing local intelligence to analyze, filter, and take action. The embedded Linux operating system provides the power and flexibility required to automatically adjust to individual hardware and software configurations.

Smart Home Plug & Play, by Rockethome

Imagine a home that is thinking for you. A home that knows exactly when you will step through the door, sets the preferred temperature just in time, and switches on the lights right where you need them to make you feel welcome. ROCKETHOME technology combines the benefits of internet of things with smart energy solutions. This allows comfortable and efficient control over the house, and significant increases in energy efficiency.
The modern, sustainable home saves energy where you do not need it. Increase quality of life, comfort and sustainability, and reduce energy costs at the same time. This is the power of ROCKETHOME‘s service delivery solutions. Virtually everything you own is yours to control – for the sake of the environment. ROCKETHOME manages light, temperature and activity of all devices via smartphone, tablet or the web portal – all at a touch of a button. 
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