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Published: Mon 01 Jul 2013
A blog entry by Aaron Buchholz

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Aaron Buchholz
Global Business Development Manager
KG Technologies, inc.

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KG Technologies is a global leader in world class switching solutions for the energy management market. We have developed and designed patented technology for latching relays for the Smart Grid, homes and cars that is changing the way the world handles high-current, high-voltage switching applications. For more than a decade, we have designed and manufactured high-quality, reliable latching relays that allow our customers to manage their energy loads more effectively through remote disconnect/reconnect capabilities.

From our world headquarters in Cotati, California to our satellite offices around the globe, we focus on meeting the needs of our customers today and working with them to build safe, high quality latching relays that power the world’s energy markets tomorrow.

“We work with you so that our products work for you.”

KG Technologies is a products company with a service mentality. Each day, we work with our customers to better understand their needs and ideas to develop switching solutions that enhance their energy management capabilities. Our engineering team consistently provides sound advice and engineering expertise that allows us to customize and optimize our products for large-volume orders.

Where High Quality Meets High Capacity

KG Technologies develops reliable products that meet the world’s highest energy standards (UL, IEC and ANSI) at the best cost for our customers. Our focus on the best value extends through our dependable manufacturing and logistical capabilities. This approach gives us the unique ability to produce large volume orders and dropship them anywhere in the world.

Benjamin Franklin once said, “Energy and persistence conquer all things.” This philosophy is a guiding principle in our company. Benjamin Franklin made some smart choices and KG Technologies is the smart choice for your energy management switching needs – now and in the future.