Jumpstart set to tell Scotland’s renewable energy industry exhibition that £000s in R&D tax relief are up for grabs

Published: Mon 17 Mar 2014
A blog entry by Michael Crawford

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Michael Crawford
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Jumpstart, the company created to support UK businesses make successful HMRC Research and Development (R&D) tax relief claims, is set to tell attendees of the Scottish Renewables annual exhibition in Edinburgh 18-19th March how their renewables businesses can secure very substantial sums from their Research and Development expenditure.
The event, to be held at the brand-new extension to the Edinburgh International Conference Centre in the city’s Morrison Street, is a top event for business people engaged in the burgeoning renewable energies sector.
From its location at Stand 32, Jumpstart, which numbers many leading renewables sector businesses amongst its clients, will tell visitors that while many renewables companies have already been successful in their tax relief claims, the sector as a whole is still failing to secure a potential financial windfall from the millions that go unclaimed each year. Jumpstart has managed to claim over £60k for a single renewable business client in a single year but they calculate that the average initial claim size is in the region of £26,000.
Helping companies claim for R&D tax relief is a service perceived traditionally by the business community as one within the domain of accountancy firms. Jumpstart, however, has brought to the market a unique, tailored approach marked by the recruitment of sector-specific technical analysts with credible industry experience and post-graduate research qualifications.
Derek Brown, Business Development Executive at Jumpstart will also give a short presentation as part of the Conference and will focus on innovation for business growth and how to fund it via Research & Development tax relief.
The Jumpstart team comprises of scientists and technologists, including chemists, biologists, engineers, physicists and software engineers, who understand each market area and can produce robust applications, which in turn have resulted in significant R&D claims for its clients. 
Jumpstart was founded in 2008 to address a huge opportunity in the market to engage with UK businesses by informing and guiding them through HMRC’s R&D tax relief claim process. In its relatively short history, the business has grown its client base to over 500 companies across all regions of the UK and has an annual business pipeline in excess of £10m.