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Published: Wed 19 Jun 2013
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The Infrastructure Partnerships and African Development (iPAD) Mozambique Power & Gas Forum is a space to handle the important conversation about power and gas infrastructure, as well as its different sectors. Designed to encourage Mozambique as worthy of serious investment, as well as others goals, the iPAD Mozambique Power and Gas forum provides an essential line of dialogue sorely needed.

In 2012, $22 billion was planned for investing in Mozambique’s transport sector – yet $9.71 billion was set aside for developing energy and power. iPAD Mozambique 2012 brought government officials and private investors together to discuss partnership opportunities that would benefit all involved.

Thus, on the back of the previous year’s conference, iPAD Mozambique 2013 will seek to accomplish similar goals and improve on its previous successes.

This year’s conference will continue to focus on development of infrastructure and improvement of transport, energy and power sectors in Mozambique. With an eye on portfolio strategies, more industry players are seeking connections with the country. This is important considering Mozambique itself and also cross-border negotiations.

The conference also plans on demonstrating that power and gas sectors are essential to economic and social development. Technological advancement will also be discussed, as well as commercial trends.

Taking it to a broader level, the conference will also emphasise – as it did previously – the integration with other sectors: construction, transport, telecommunications, etc. Their importance cannot be underestimated for the effective running of the power and gas sector itself.

Licensing is also an essential feature: keeping those involved updated and clued in as to what policy and law currently says to try eliminate future headaches, for those involved.

The discussion with various members of government and business will allow for new ideas to flourish which could benefit all involved. The outcomes will benefit the country and surrounding environment too, when all important concerns are recognised and heard.

The confirmed speakers / advisors include:

·         Tito Livio Tezinde – Head of Business – Petromoc

·         Barbara Mommen – Chief Executive Officer – MCLI

·         Fausto Cruz – Managing Director – OilMoz

·         Andre Silva Vieira – Assistant Manage – PricewaterhouseCoopers

·         Antonio Francisco – Research Director – Institute of Social & Economic Studies

Date: 22 - 24 October 2013

Venue: Girassol Indy Congress Hotel & Spa

Site:       http://www.ipad-mozambique.com/


Conference and programme information
Yolanda Dos Santos +27 700 3577

Warda Johnson: + 27 21 700 3519