Iberdrola Renewables: Leader of America's Wind Energy Production

Published: Tue 14 Jan 2014
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With more than 40 renewable energy generation projects in the United States, Iberdrola Renewables is leading America’s transition to a renewable energy future.

A few days ago, Iberdrola Renewables began advanced development of its 75.9 megawatt Wild Meadows Wind Farm located on leased, privately-owned land in the towns of Alexandria and Danbury, New Hampshire.

The wind farm represents a potential $150 million investment in the New Hampshire economy, and would add to Iberdrola Renewables’ existing investments New Hampshire, in Lempster and Groton. The project expects to provide up to 300 jobs during construction, and continues the company’s commitment to New Hampshire and the state’s growing renewable energy sector.

In addition to being a local source of clean energy, Wild Meadows would create significant local economic benefits in the form of construction jobs, local spending during construction, long term tax revenue and landowner income. The company estimates the project will contribute $1.6 million per year to the local community, or more than $33 million over 20 years.

Based in Portland, Oregon, the North American division of Iberdrola Renewables was founded as a business unit in a century-old regional utility. Early signature projects such as the Klamath Cogeneration Plant and Stateline Wind Energy Center are now accompanied by an energy portfolio that includes power from a variety of technologies and geographies.

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