How To Turn Energy Savings Into A Game

Published: Wed 18 Dec 2013
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Saving energy in your home takes a family effort. If one person is taking energy cutting methods but everyone else continues to overspend on electricity use – the energy bill won’t drop significantly. If you have kids, one of the best ways to turn energy savings into a family affair is to create a sense of fun around it. By creating prize systems and turning things into a game, everyone in your family can share the same sense of whimsy around learning to conserve energy in your home. Here are some suggestions for how to turn energy savings into a game.

Give Points for Energy Saving

Create a point system for energy savings. For instance, if your kids remember to turn off the water each time they brush their teeth, they can earn a gold star or a certain number of points. Keep a chart for your family and display it in a prominent place, so kids can feel pride as they see their points accrue. Decide on fun rewards for earning a certain number of points each month or year, so that everyone has something to look forward to. If you want to find out more about which actions save the most energy, visit a site like Alberta Gas Providers.

Hand Out Prizes for New Energy Savings

If your kids find a new way to save energy, reward them with a prize. For example, if someone in the family suggests a better way to seal the windows to keep air conditioning inside, hand out a prize. You may also reward the family with prizes if you hit a new energy low for the month. Anytime your kids can seek to meet a specific goal and get a prize, they will be more motivated to take energy saving measures than when you just ask them to do it.

Plan Outings For Meeting Goals

On top of prizes, you can also plan outings or trips for long term goals. Perhaps you can all go on a weekend trip every six months if you successfully lower your energy bill every month during that period. Or, you might take the kids on a fun excursion if they meet some other goal each month. Outings can be as simple as a day at the movies, or they might be a weekend away at a fun nearby hotel. Encourage your kids to understand that you are able to go on these outings because of your energy savings, so they understand the importance of saving cash on electricity.

Efforts to create energy savings are important to your family’s finances as well as the environment. Instead of lecturing your kids and spouse about why it’s vital that you cut back on energy use, you can easily create a sense of fun around the issue. By creating a points and reward system, and planning special outings, you give each member of your household a motivation to take energy savings seriously. Encourage your family to create new game ideas, so saving energy doesn’t get old.

Daniel Flynn is a parenting coach. He frequently shares his best ideas for teaching kids fun lessons on parenting blogs.