How to Choose the Right Energy Service Company

Published: Fri 19 Jun 2015
A blog entry by Sean Carter

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Sean Carter
Greenlight Energy

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Have you considered switching to an Energy Service Company (ESCO)? If so, you're not alone. Millions of businesses and homeowners across the country already purchase their natural gas and electricity supply from ESCOs rather than traditional utility companies. As a more cost-effective, third-party alternative to local utility companies, ESCOs offer consumers in states with deregulated energy the opportunity to choose their energy supplier and secure substantial savings.


While the introduction of ESCOs into the supply side of the energy industry has benefitted commercial and residential consumers by giving them the power to choose, not all ESCOs offer the same level of quality service. Unfortunately, the ESCOs that fail to deliver reliable service—or turn to black hat marketing tactics—have made it more challenging for consumers to distinguish reputable ESCOs like Greenlight Energy from those that don't have consumers' best interest at heart, leaving many to wonder: "How can I choose the right ESCO?"


Consumer Consent


One of the most troubling reasons consumers find it difficult to choose the right ESCO is the fact that some ESCOs have been known to enroll consumers in their services without any written consent. We've heard countless stories of how unsuspecting business owners and residents have received energy bills from an ESCO with whom they've never even communicated. A company that automatically enrolls you in its service without your consent is acting outside of the law and simply cannot be trusted.  Unlike these companies, at Greenlight Energy, service and billing will only occur after consumers agree to our terms of service. In short: we never enroll consumers without their permission.


Transparency in Cost Savings


If an ESCO truly cares about its customers, saving them money should be its top priority. While some ESCOs aren't forthcoming as to how much can be saved with their service, at Greenlight Energy, we conduct side-by-side cost comparisons with our fixed rates to determine if savings will be achieved. If we can't guarantee savings, we won't recommend that a potential customer make the switch. We find that, despite being essential to good customer service, this level of transparency is sorely lacking among other ESCOs. At Greenlight Energy, we care about your bottom line; in fact, saving customers money is what inspired us to start this family-owned and operated company in the first place.


Local Neighborhood Experts


ESCOs should also be familiar with the neighborhoods they serve. While some ESCOs like to simply canvas neighborhoods, at Greenlight Energy, we speak with potential customers on a personal level to provide comprehensive details about the quality of our service. Unlike other ESCOs, we seek to establish a positive presence in the local neighborhoods we serve and build meaningful relationships with individual customers who can turn to us at any time with ideas, questions, or concerns.


Did you know that ESCO sales agents that come to your door are required to inform you of where they work and provide company identification?


Competitive Fixed Rate Billing


Exceptional ESCOs also offers customers competitive fixed rates for electricity and natural gas, meaning that customers can lock in a low rate at the beginning of their contract and be guaranteed to pay that same rate throughout an agreed upon period of time. At Greenlight Energy, we allow customers to secure our custom-quoted fixed rates for 1 to 2 year terms, protecting them from unexpected market fluctuations that would surely have increased their energy expenses had they stayed with their former utility company. Not all ESCOs offer customers the opportunity to take advantage of fixed rates and invaluable price protection.  Then again, not all ESCOs are Greenlight Energy. 


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