In-house customer panel identifies growth opportunities for smart heating controls and service contracts

Published: Mon 31 Oct 2016
A blog entry by Kathryn Black

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Kathryn Black
Marketing Administrator
Delta Energy & Environment

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Delta-ee's in-house customer panel has identified opportunities for growth within smart heating controls and service contract options.

Discussing the results in the latest Heat Cast Podcast, Steven Ashurst (Senior Analyst) and Valts Grintals (Analyst) from the Delta-ee Heat Insight Service, and Miranda Mayes (Market Research Practitioner & Consultant), consider the findings of the most recent online study and the benefits of using an in-house customer panel.


The Delta-ee customer panel consists of 1000 homeowners who are the highest income earners in their households and the decision makers regarding new technologies. The most recent online study of the panel particularly identified 20 interesting participants who are the highest income earners in their households and the decision makers regarding new technologies. Interestingly, of those identified, only two participants already had smart heating controls in their property.

Further in depth discussions revealed some interesting findings including:

  • A high proportion of heating system purchases are prompted by a breakdown in the existing heating system. Therefore, the engineer - who is usually the first on site - has the initial opportunity to make a sale
  • There is still a lack of push from the installer side to offer smart heating controls or a servicing contract rather than a like for like swap e.g. if you have a boiler already and it breaks, you will simply be offered the same boiler as a replacement, and minimal or no information regarding alternatives
  • People think smart heating controls are convenient but are unaware of the cost benefits - those who already had smart heating control systems confirmed a reduction in cost
  • Potential customers to target include those of retirement age and those starting a family, for whom financial security is of the utmost importance

For further analysis of the findings and an explanation of the Heat Insight Service research which uses the in-house customer panel, just listen to the Podcast below.



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