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Published: Fri 07 Oct 2016
A blog entry by Alex Powar

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Alex Powar
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So I signed up for the Samsung Connected Home Trial. My (and Samsung’s) first venture into the connected homes space. At Baringa, we lead in advising our clients when it comes to all things Smart from Meters to Grids, so to get an early opportunity to explore the emerging world of the Smart home was an offer too good to refuse. 

The concept of the Samsung Trial is beautifully simple and straight forward to set up. As the first generation of connected home technology, a series of sensors and switches connects to a home hub device that you simply plug into your broadband router. From here the devices are able to communicate with your phone via their SmartThings App. Lamps plugged into SMART switches can be turned on and off from anywhere, and sensors on doors (fitted in minutes) can let you know if they’ve been opened or closed when you are out. The tag on the dog even allowed me to see if my daughter had taken her for her daily walk!

Samsung has started with a security focus, but as more and more devices adopt the appropriate standards, and these devices start communicating with each other, the list of possible applications for the technology is endless.

Watching the likes of Apple’s Homekit, Google’s Nest and Samsung’s SmartThings battling it out to “own the home” will be an interesting one to watch.

The future promises a Smart home that will be a learning system, monitoring your habits and movements, and using information from your wearables and sensors around the home to improve life within it.

Room temperatures will automatically adjust to your preference as you enter and data on your vital signs can provide you and selected others with alerts on your health.

Sensors will check the supplies in your refrigerator, advise you on their sell by dates and order more from your on-line supermarket as required. You’ll even get that prompt that the bottle of white that you typically enjoy on a Friday night isn’t yet in the fridge chilling.

For big business the potential market is huge with Smart home device shipments expected to grow at a compound annual rate of 67 per cent over the next four years, much faster than Smartphone or tablet device growth, and will hit 1.8 billion units shipped in 2019 according to Business Insider.

Tech firms, white goods manufacturers and telcos all have an immediate market to grow with other sectors such as insurance, banks and healthcare ready in the wings to exploit the huge volume of data that our homes of the future will generate.

It’s a hugely exciting place to be right now and if you extend Smart home to Smart meters and Smart grids, we start to have a serious tool in our bag to fight climate change.

My daughters continue have great fun coming up with a long wish list of things in the house that they’d like to control from their phones. Luckily the dog isn’t one of them. Yet…

This blog was written by Neil Maidment, Partner, Technology Transformation, Baringa Partners.

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