Greenbird launches at Utility Week 2014 in Amsterdam

Published: Sat 18 Oct 2014
A blog entry by Thorsten Heller

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Thorsten Heller
greenbird Integration Technology

Thorsten Heller's Blog and Metercloud Ghostwriter to be launched at European Utility Weeks 2014

At the European Utility Week 2014 (November 4th - 6th, Amsterdam), Greenbird Integration Technology – a software solution provider headquartered in Oslo, Norway - will launch platform and Metercloud Ghostwriter simulation tool. Big data integration for smart metering, smart grid and smart city delivered as cloud services. provides big data integration applications for smart metering, smart grid, smart city and the Internet of Things. is a collection of configurable but ready to use integration applications delivered as cloud services (OaaS, Orchestration-as-a-Service) and simplifies to overcome utilities' integration challenges with implementation of smart metering, smart grid or smart city applications.

Traditionally, utilities would hire system integrators and consultancy to realize custom specific integration solutions which are costly, hard to maintain and resource intensive to operate and maintain. Providing system integration as productized services (Orchestration-as-a-Service) and SaaS style subscription model, disrupts the way system integration is solved: Lower up front investments, pay as you go, faster time to market, elastic infrastructure with high reliability are some of the benefits for utilties on their way into a new digital life.

Metercloud Ghostwriter: Smart metering simluation and data generation system.

Metercloud Ghostwriter provides a data generation and simulation platform for utilities aiming to validate or optimize their smart metering processes, VEE routines, meter-to-cash processes or outage management. Metercloud Ghostwriter is a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) solution which simulates utilities' advanced metering infrastructure and headend system. It generates meter readings, alarms and events based on user defined simulation profiles and scenarios. Metercloud Ghostwriter can generate metering data in various outputs such as CIM, GS2 or headend vendor specific formats.

The future of the digital utility.

Utilities' transition towards the digital utility of the future forces the need for seamless integration and a bounderyless information flow across the whole value chain and across all actors. Big data technologies build a completly new foundation for operation insight combining historicial an dreal time information and provide predictive analytics to gain smart grid effects. Utilization of cloud infrastructure and servcies generates IT operational effects and flexibility. provides big data integration delivered as ready to use services on an elatsic infrastructure. With, Greenbird aims to become a driving force establishing the " for smart system integration".

For more information, please see or and plan a chat with Greenbird at the Utility Weekl in Amsterdam.