Global Microgrid Market To See 18.72% CAGR Through 2015 To 2019

Published: Fri 10 Jul 2015
A blog entry by Lokesh Gautam

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Lokesh Gautam
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Research Beam

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Research Beam adds a report titled “Global Microgrid Market 2015-2019 “. According to the report the global microgrid market would grow at a CAGR 18.72 percent during the forecast period of 2015 to 2019. The study indicates that countries such as America, Europe amongst others nations are combating poor power supply quality. Industry experts add that microgrid play a vital role in improving the consistency of power supply. Research specialists also indicate that microgrid offers reliable power supply with less shortages.
The comprehensive report focuses on how microgrid enables better power consistency which also aids in minimizing grid imbalances and intermittence. The report reveals that low generator efficiency increases power discrepancy and often results in an unexpected rise in power requirement. The study adds that macrogrid offers a quick access to power when the local macrogrid either breaks down or is enable to cater to the power need. The latest research further emphasizes that many organizations are investing heavily in research and development segment in the microgrid industry. The report also reveals that even key market vendors are seen investing in R&D when it comes to the microgrid segment.
Research analysts also add that many reputed and niche companies are working in tandem on the microgrid development ventures that is ready to enhance market growth in coming three to four years. The extensive report reveals that European Union is constantly working to innovate quality microgrid solutions to boost market penetration level when it comes to renewable energy. Lastly, end –users searching for more relevant data on key market trends driving the microgrid market find this report useful.