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Published: Wed 24 Jun 2015
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Chakratec's Kinetic Battery

  1. - Solves All Problems of Renewable Integration
  2. - Lifetime – matching solar panel and wind turbines
  3. Disruptive Cost – creates new revenue streams for solar and wind integrators and owners
  4. Green Solution


Chakratec, established in 2013, brings to the energy market patented kinetic battery energy storage solution based on an innovative flywheel concept. While being comparable in price to alternative solutions such as Li-Ion batteries, Chakratec’s solution enables energy storage for hours as needed with renewable energy generation. Unlike chemical batteries which have a limited number of charging cycles during their life time, Chakratec’s kinetic battery, provides virtually limitless number of deep charge and discharge cycles over the full life time of 20 years. These unique attributes make the price per charge/discharge cycle disruptively low, making it the optimal solution for solar fields, wind farms and other application which require energy storage.  The kinetic battery is also the only truly green solution with none of the hazardous safety and disposal issues associated with chemical battery solutions, therefore it enables a fully green energy ecosystem of solar, wind and storage.


Chakratec is accelerating its go to market and is looking for partners and pilot projects in Europe.


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