Finding the smart grid right "on ramp" (DistribuTECH 2014 video)

Published: Mon 03 Mar 2014
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As the utility ecosystem grows more complex and diverse, it helps to have a coherent resource to turn to for appropriate solutions to emerging challenges and opportunities. As DistribuTECH 2014 wraps up today in San Antonio, Texas, Lisa Caswell (President of eMeter, A Siemens Business) explains why she's excited about how the utility industry is evolving -- and about being part of the Siemens team. (See video at the bottom of this post.)

A leading smart grid software company acquired by Siemens in 2012, eMeter developed EnergyIP, the premiere meter data management platform.

"What's exciting to me is that Siemens has a unified vision of the smart grid," said Caswell. "It's interesting to have an opportunity to work with the entire ecosystem -- not only within the software group. All groups within Siemens Smart Grid recognize that there's an entire partner ecosystem that we work with. It's very open and collaborative, not only from a technology standpoint, but from how our whole organization operates."

Caswell also likes that Siemens offers a wide range of "on-ramps" to work with or build upon technologies and strategies that utilities are using today.

"And the Siemens Smart Grid Compass methodology can help you find solutions even if you don't know what your on-ramp is," she noted.

More about Siemens at DistribuTECH 2014.

Watch the video here at Smart Grid Watch Blog!