Enhancing rural smart grid communication with WiMAX (DistribuTECH 2014 video)

Published: Mon 03 Mar 2014
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When smart grid assets are distributed across a large area, communication for grid operations becomes challenging. Wake Electric, a rural co-op in North Carolina, USA, opted to address this challenge by adopting wi-max communications for its smart grid -- with help from Ruggedcom, a Siemens Business.

"This was our opportunity to use WiMAX to deploy smart grid applications," said Don Bowman, Manager of Engineering at Wake Electric. "We combined three feeders with high-speed switching via WiMAX." (See video below.)

WiMAX is a 4G wireless broadband communication technology that allows higher data throughput across longer distances.

At DistribuTECH last week, Siemens showcased their new distribution feeder automation system, featuring an ultra high-speed automatic transfer scheme (SDFA-ATS). This system can automatically transfer critical loads to a viable power source in a mere one-one hundredth of a second.

More about Siemens at DistribuTECH 2014.

Watch the video here at Smart Grid Watch Blog.