Engerati’s Week In Energy – Cyber-genuity from Israel

Published: Tue 24 Feb 2015
A blog entry by Jonathan Spencer Jones

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If you can’t beat them, join them, the saying goes. And this, to a point, is what the innovative startup CyActive from Israel – by the way, a country from where a lot of innovative cleantech developments are emerging [Israeli Cleantech – Smart Energy Innovation For Global Challenges] – has done in their mission to outsmart the hackers who are constantly trying to break through our IT defences. [Thinking Ahead To Outsmart Hackers]

It is also said that the best solutions are the simplest and CyActive’s cybersecurity solution is conceptually at least, as simple as it is ingenious – to create the tens of thousands of malwares that hackers are likely to come up with years into the future, and then to train a “guard” (in this case, a piece of software) to recognize them. “It is like having an open door with a guard waiting at the entrance,” CyActive’s chief marketing officer, Danny Lev, told Engerati in the interview at the Smart Energy UK & Europe Summit last month. The solution is also specifically designed to overcome the two main cybersecurity challenges in the OT world – the difficulty of doing updates, and the limited memory and processing power of legacy IT.

Engerati is not the only one impressed with the solution. Hours after the interview, CyActive received the event’s Cyber Security Award, with the judges “particularly impressed with the proactive nature of [the] solution.” Moreover, we believe it could prove a game changer for the cyber security that is necessary for the secure and reliable operation of a modern grid with a connected lifestyle.

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