Echelon SmartServer is “Brains” Behind Lencore Sound Masking & Paging

Published: Wed 26 Jun 2013
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Building owners across the U.S. use Lencore’s sound masking, paging and mass notification solutions to create acoustically sound workplaces, provide background music and produce emergency communications. Lencore, in turn, uses Echelon’s SmartServer as the controller, or “brains,” behind its engineered system solutions for both networked sound masking and mass notification.

“The SmartServer is what enables our solutions to control multiple zones; to communicate across buildings, campuses, or around the world; and to easily integrate other signaling or communications devices such as digital displays, text messages, tweets and much more,” said David Smith, director of business and channel strategy at Lencore.

Lencore uses Echelon technology for programming control, monitoring, and reporting over the entire system, including other devices such as digital displays and text messaging. Echelon technology also allows end users – i.e., building or property owners and facility managers –to make adjustments to their Lencore systems. For instance, end users can change the space for greater speech privacy, enhanced auditory comfort, or life safety communications, such as emergency paging.

“System integrators and installers, who are typically the ones who set up the Lencore systems for the end users, truly enjoy the ease of use and installation of the SmartServer,” said Smith. “And because the Echelon SmartServer is so easy to program, Lencore is able to offer superior system control that’s unique to each individual project.”

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