Echelon Helps Light Post-Earthquake Recovery in New Zealand

Published: Wed 26 Jun 2013
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Two years after the massive Christchurch earthquake killed 185 people and devastated the city, the major metropolitan hub of the South Island of New Zealand is steadily rebuilding. As Christchurch re-emerges from the rubble, an ambitious new project is setting an optimistic tone for the whole area. And Echelon is playing a role in the revitalization efforts.

Christchurch’s $100 million Avon River precinct is an anchor project for the central city area, which was one of the hardest hit by the quake. Work has begun on the first stage of the project, called Watermark, which will feature boardwalks, more green space, and new places for residents to live, work, and play.

An energy-efficient Echelon SmartServer-based system, with Echelon CPD 3000 and Philips Outdoor Lighting Controllers (OLCs), using reliable power line communications (PLC) technology and management software from StreetLight.Vision (SLV), is controlling both pathway LED lamps and new LED-based handrail lighting along the Watermark project’s public walkways. The lighting will enhance the appearance of the walkways while making it safer for pedestrians and cyclists to navigate it at night. In addition, the system will save energy by dimming lighting during low-traffic times.

Echelon is working with its partner ECOsystems from Wellington to install the new lighting system.

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