A Different Holiday Perspective

Published: Mon 23 Dec 2013
A blog entry by Christine Hertzog

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Christine Hertzog
Managing Director
Smart Grid Library

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It’s holiday break time!  New articles will resume the first Monday in January 2014.

I trust you and your family and friends have an enjoyable holiday and a happy and healthy 2014.  But as we gather round in homes that are well-lit and comfortably heated or cooled, let’s remember the 2 billion humans who have no access or unreliable access to electricity.  As we gaze at cozy fires built more for ambiance than heat or light, let’s think about the women and children who often risk their lives gathering fuel for fires used for the necessities of cooking and security.  This is energy poverty, and its effects are devastating to societies and economies.

We can do something about that.  Let’s work to make 2014 a better year – energy-wise – for all the world’s inhabitants.

Christine Hertzog