Cybersecurity for the smart grid: July 15 webinar with former FERC Chairman Jon Wellinghoff

Published: Fri 18 Jul 2014
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Smart grid security is an increasingly complex and important challenge for utilities, service providers, and end users. On July 15, a free EnergyCentral webinar will explore how organizations throughout the energy industry now have more and better options to proactively address smart grid cybersecurity risks.

Webinar: Tuesday, July 15, noon-1 pm EDT

In this webinar, former FERC chairman Jon Wellinghoff will explore cybersecurity issues for smart grids, including risks related to power distribution network operations, access to related IT systems, service delivery, and customer privacy -- as well as how utilities can respond. For several years, Wellinghoff has been at the center of the U.S. debate on the physical security and cybersecurity of power grids.

Wellinghoff noted that a recent accidental release of information by the U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security revealed the possibly extreme consequences of grid cybersecurity risks. Earlier this month, when responding to a U.S. Freedom of Information Act request for information on Operation Aurora (a 2009 coordinated cybersecurity attack on many major U.S. companies) DHS mistakenly provided 840 pages of information about Idaho National Laboratory's Operation Aurora: a March 2007 experiment demonstrating how a cybersecurity attack could damage a large SCADA-controlled turbine. (See further analysis by cybersecurity expert Joe Weiss.)

The cybersecurity concerns that utilities face on a day-to-day basis usually aren't so dire, but they are crucial. In a dialogue with Marty Rosenberg, editor-in-chief of EnergyBiz, Wellinghoff will explore issues such as:

  • What's driving cybersecurity compliance in the utility industry
  • Implications for microgrids, virtual power plants, and other advanced strategies enabled by smart grid technology.
  • Opportunities to be found in addressing cybersecurity challenges.

This is the first of two webinars on smart grid cybersecurity. The second will be held in August. Watch the Smart Grid Watch blog for details.

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