Current Trends in Household Energy Prices

Published: Thu 27 Feb 2014
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Written by Christophe Dromacque, Head of Research

Collected and analyzed household energy price data for 23 European capitals reveal that both electricity prices as well as gas prices are on a continuous upward trend.  The electricity price has been increasing since May 2013 and is currently at a record high. The gas price only started increasing in November 2013 and so this trend is more recent.


Evolution of Residential energy & distribution prices excluding taxes in the EU-22



Deeper analysis of the data retrieved also reveals that the price per kWh of electricity, that a citizen living in one of the 23 capitals, can vary with up to 135%. The highest prices were found in Berlin and Copenhagen, while the cheapest were in Belgrade and Zagreb. However, if prices are measured at PPS (keeping the purchasing power of the citizen in mind) the picture changes. While Berlin is still very expensive, Helsinki is now found to be cheapest. 


Residential electricity prices including taxes at PPS


Household Energy Price Index

The Household Energy Price Index is the most comprehensive and accurate index over household energy prices in Europe. It covers 23 European countries encompassing 500 million household representing 97% of the EU population. The index is developed and released on a monthly basis by VaasaETT, Energie-Control Austria and The Hungarian Energy and Public Utility Regulatory Authority.


If you would like to know more about the current trends in household energy prices and follow the research work please visit the price website: