Congratulations Demand Shaper! Nesta announce winner of Dynamic Demand Challenge

Published: Thu 03 Jul 2014
A blog entry by Isobel Chillman

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Isobel Chillman
Programme Delivery Manager

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Nesta’s Centre for Challenge Prizes, in partnership with National Physical Laboratory’s Centre for Carbon Measurement launched the Dynamic Demand Challenge Prize in June 2013.

Sponsored by National Grid, the Challenge hoped to find demand response solutions by offering incentives, financial support, expert guidance and a Prize of £50,000 for the solution that demonstrated the most significant impact.

It presented an exciting opportunity to 'develop ideas that have the potential to drive systemic change in shifting demand from peak to off peak times, making better use of renewable energy and supporting the growing demands of the electricity infrastructure'. (Jen Clayton, Challenge Coordinator)

76 entries to the challenge became 9 semi-finalists, and after November's intensive 36 hour hackathon, only 5 finalists remained.

The finalists received up to £10,000 funding along with guidance and support from the challenge's partners and sector experts, to further develop their solutions over a 6 month period. Engerati last week attended the announcement of the challenge winner - Hestia, by Demand Shaper.

At the event we heard some inspirational words from some of the challenge judges, including Jane Burston, Head of NPL’s Centre for Carbon Measurement, and Joe Short, CEO of Demand Logic Limited.

We also managed to sneak in a couple of interviews with Constance Agyeman of NESTA, Joe Warren from Powershaper, Damon Rand from Kudos and Peter Boait from Demand Shaper...

Big congratulations to everyone involved, and we look forward to seeing more from all the finalists in the future.

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