A Complete Guide about Solar Panel Installation

Published: Mon 15 Sep 2014
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A Complete Note on Solar Panel Installation. Calculation about No of Solar Panels, batteries Rating / Backup time, Inverter/UPS Rating, Load and required Watts. with Circuit Diagrams.A-Complete-Note-on-Solar-Panel-Installation.-Calculation-about-No-of-Solar-Panels-batteries-Rating-Backup-time-InverterUPS-Rating-Load-and-required-Watts

If you pick this post related to solar panel installation, You will be able to;
→ To calculate the no of solar panel (with rating)

→ To calculate the rating of Solar panel
→ To calculate the rating of batteries for Solar panel system
→ To calculate the back up time of batteries

To calculate the charging current for batteries
→ To Calculate Charging time for batteries
→ UPS Rating for load requirement and much more…
Load = 800 Watts
Inverters Rating =?
Required Backup time for batteries = 3 Hours
Required No of Solar Panel =?
No of batteries =?
Inverter should be greater 25% than the total Load
800 x (25/100) = 200
800+200 = 1000 Watts
This Rating of the UPS (Inverter)
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