Community Energy Challenges Blog Part 4 - Dynamic Demand Challenge Finalists

Published: Fri 04 Apr 2014
A blog entry by Isobel Chillman

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Isobel Chillman
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By Damon Rand, Finalist, Community Energy Challenges

A quick reminder, the Community Energy Challenges project is providing a small, thin Internet connected "fridge magnet" energy display to homes to help them earn community rewards by smoothing out electricity consumption peaks.

It is hard to believe its mid-March already, the year is flying by! We have had a very busy couple of weeks. Nesta organised a visit to the National Physics Laboratory in Teddington -- what an amazing facility! We spoke with some of their scientists and we will be working closely with NPL to optimise the antenna design in the fridge magnets. Last week we exhibited at the huge Ecobuild conference in London which a great experience too.

In spite of not being in the office much the last couple of weeks we have managed to make some good progress on the fridge magnets. On the firmware front the team has been testing out how to display icons, bar charts and time periods on the display. We are getting close to being able to implement the game design I discussed in my last blog entry.On the community engagement side we have also spent quite a bit of time up in Greenbank, Bristol posting flyers through doors and talking to residents about the Less is More project where the first fridge magnets will be deployed. Specifically I am recruiting four Greenbank homes to host the radio to Internet gateways this month so we have a few months to ensure the radio network is stable before we deploy the displays to the rest of the homes.

Busy, busy. See you next time!

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