Calling all Energy Managers - Help with my new years resolution

Published: Tue 02 Feb 2016
A blog entry by Adedamola Adeleke

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Adedamola Adeleke
Snr Content and Programme Manager

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Probably the wierdiest call to action you've read in a while. smiley

So you've probably see our Engerati In Focus content pages? If you haven't do checkout the opening salvo here. We'll also be organising webinars for Energy Managers from large power users with the aim of exposing energy management requirements, challenges and visions for 2016. This sudden 180 from our usual content focus is in response to shifting dynamics in the energy market underpinned by;

  • The cost of energy: Sometimes the biggest operational cost that not too long ago nothing could be done about. We are seeing a pro-active trend towards active energy management enabled by the lower cost of sensors and IoT technologies to connect all of this up and make it meaningful
  • The circular economy: Not to be underestimated, we have observed a significant movement by businesses understanding that ‘doing the right thing’ also makes business sense and many are setting targets to hit 100% renewables and/or significantly reduce their energy consumption
  • Cost of renewable generation: The price point of renewable generation continues to drop, making the economics of on-premises generation more and more attractive, add to this the cost point of behind the meter storage which indicates we are very close to the tipping point
  • Energy Market dynamics: New entrants, virtual utilities and integration of the European market, means large power users can be active participants, not only paying for their energy use but getting paid and rewarded for any capacity they can provide.

So are you an energy manager who agrees, disagrees or is just generally intrigued by some of these themes and the implications on your business? Are you a representative from a utility or energy services company (ESCo) playing or looking to play in this space? A grid operator representative who has to deal with the knock effect of large consumers? Or a regulator faced with impending market changes?

If the answer is yes to any of the above, then we would like you to participate in the content programme which will be underpinned by live webinar panel discussions and also have room for stand alone case studies/presentations and be supported by a wealth of associated content circa whitepapers, articles, blogs etc. Checkout the current In Focus webinar programmes for inspiration and a glimspe of what this Engerati page could look like!

No corporate statemnts, just good old fashioned honest insights, debate and food for thought. So please get in touch if you want to hear more and/or would like to get involved -

Maybe also leave a comment below...yeah that wierd box that no one seems use these days wink

Ciao for now