Aurora System Update

Published: Tue 03 Sep 2013
A blog entry by Ryan Rudman

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Ryan Rudman
Marketing Manager
Light Kinetics

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The Aurora system has been udgraded and and with the new upgrades comes a new name, but with the same reliability that you are accustomed to.
Hosted and managed vending services are an ideal solution for utility providers, body corporates and sectional titles who do not have the necessary ICT infrastructure, capacity or specialized skills to manage and maintain a prepayment system. Our managed and hosted services enable for utility providers, body corporates and sectional titles to deploy a complete end to end prepayment system without the need for investment capital and the benefit of low operational costs.
Your organisation will have access to our existing Aurora system which allows prepayment via our management server. Aurora is a prepayment platform for Power, Water and Gas utilities that are meter manufacture independent, thus allowing the utility provider to provide prepayment services to consumers using a combination of STS and AMI Smart Meters with integrated disconnect functionality from all major manufacturers.
Our Aurora server is hosted in our secure data centre and is accessible to your organisation employees using a standard web browser and a secure logging with 128-bit SSL encryption. Each person requiring access to the Aurora server will have a unique user profile with username, password and role based access permission.
In order to provide customers with easy access to purchase their utilities, we have integrated with a large variety of purchase channels including; Credit Card online, ABSA Cash Deposit, UniPIN Purchase from supermarkets such as SPAR and most Service Stations. This allows for your customers to make purchases anytime and almost anywhere. We provide the required communications, security, backup services and support to you and your customers alike. This ensures that service continuity for your hosted infrastructure. Leaving you free, to focus on managing your business. We also include secure revenue collection channels with completely real-time and transparent access to financial records. Our call centre is available for support and service 365 days a year from 08:00 to 22:00, seven days a week.
The key benefits to our system are; Rapid deployment and very short almost instant setup. There is no capital investment requirement and the reduction in operational expenditure will be worthwhile for any provider. With regular training and support programmes clients and service providers will always have 24/7/365 web based access to our system.
What you can do;
- Manage role based use permission
- Manage tariff plans
- Manage Meters
- Manage service locations                      
- Manage customers
- Manage Vendors
- Perform real-time financial audits
- Perform advanced reporting
- Access account information online
- Purchase with Credit Cards online
- Purchase via ABSA Cash Deposit
- Purchase via leading retail stores and service stations
- Obtain credit balances, Last Token and New Credit Tokens via WEB, WAP, SMS, or IVR
- Service and support from our call centre
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