Assess, Address, Act: Maintaining the right assets at the right time

Published: Thu 05 Jun 2014
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Transmission and distribution assets in current electrical grids are aging -- and the older the asset, the greater the risk of failure. How can utilities efficiently spend their maintenance budgets to repair and replace the right assets at the right time? Increasingly, utilities and their industrial customers are using "condition monitoring" of transmission and distribution assets to solve this problem.

In the video below, Thomas Kessler, Director of Monitoring and Diagnostic, Transformer and Cable Services for Siemens Smart Grid Services, explains the monitoring and diagnostic value chain.

Watch the video here!

This value chain has three phases:

  • Assess: Monitoring systems continuously gauge asset condition and maintenance needs -- such as whether a specific transformer needs oil.
  • Address: Asset condition data and related benchmark data is translated into actionable information.
  • Act: Ranked recommendations for maintenance actions are given to maintenance teams (or customers) to guide preventive maintenance.

This targeted process helps protect expensive and critical utility and customer assets, helping to prevent failures. It also maximizes the benefit from maintenance budget expenditures.

Brochure: ISCM Transmission and Distribution Condition Monitoring Brochure.

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