Access to electricity

Published: Tue 03 Nov 2015
A blog entry by Peter King

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Peter King
Vice President

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Access to electricity is a prerequisite for our society and a foundation for the future of both developed and developing countries.


Reducing consumption is one major challenge; the other is to increase the share of climate neutral energy.


Technical development makes distributed generation and storage more affordable to consumers, enabling climate neutral electricity consumption. Balancing supply and demand becomes more of a challenge for the grid with distributed generation, a problem that can be solved but requires attention.


In the light of that development, Energy Management Services (EMS) can play an important role to help consumers manage their electricity consumption. In the 90ies the utility industry talked about the “Intelligent house”, today we talk about services for the Connected Home.


What are the barriers for bigger propagations of EMS to consumers? What needs to happen before a major propagation can be seen? What business models and drivers will enable the propagation?