5 Compelling Reasons to Choose Solar Power for Your Home

Published: Wed 09 Sep 2015
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So, you want to reduce your electricity bill and decrease your carbon footprint? Installing solar power seems like a good idea.


Several prominent reasons can motivate you to take the solar plunge.

As Thomas Edison has rightly said, “I’d put my money on the sun and solar energy. What a source of power!”

According to the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA), 2015’s first quarter broke records with 66,440 new solar systems getting installed in the first three months of the year. This takes the total number of U.S. households with solar to approximately 700,000.

Buying a solar power system is a huge investment, so make sure that you are familiar with the necessary related aspects beforehand, most importantly its benefits.

Here are five reasons that will help you understand why you should go solar.

1. Slim Down Your Electric Bill

Are you frustrated by your increasing electric bills? Have the bills been leaving a hole in your pocket?

If yes, going solar may be the right choice for you.

Installing a solar power system can help you reduce your electric bills dramatically or even eliminate them completely. This depends on factors such as how much energy your system produces or how much you consume.

Most importantly, electric bills can be unpredictable at times and they can make managing your budget difficult. This is where installing solar panels perfectly fit into the picture.

2. Save the Environment

The increasingly catastrophic effects of air pollution on our ecology are no longer unknown to us. Air pollution is posing major health threats and its impact can be felt strongly.

If you want to do something on your part to reduce the carbon emissions, maybe now is the time.

Installing solar panels would be brilliant as the system derives clean and pure energy from the sun. It can help combat greenhouse gas emissions, further reducing our overall dependence on fossil fuels.

In fact, it would be one of the most practical ways to contribute to a sustainable future. Going solar can help minimize environmental issues such as climate change and health problems related to carbon emissions as the solar system does not produce toxic gases.

According to the EPA, an average household emits approximately 20 metric tons of carbon pollution each year. Additionally, the U.S. Green Building Council states that buildings in the U.S. contribute to 35% of the total carbon emission.

A typical household, on the other hand, eliminates between 3-4 tons of carbon emissions annually by installing a solar power system. Going solar can bring about a mammoth decline in the pollution levels.

3. Cheap Installation Costs and Great Returns

The solar power prices have declined tremendously over the years. A highly competitive market and global demand have led to a significant decline in solar panel prices. The system is now more affordable than ever.

A homeowner who invests in a solar panel system can now expect a payback of about 5-8 years, on average. This represents a typical return on investment of as much as 15%.

Moreover, the plethora of financing options take away the worry of paying a large upfront cost for buying the system. Solar panels have been proven to last more than 30 years and that too with minimal maintenance or upgrade expenses. This clearly represents decades of energy savings compared to the ever increasing electric utility rates.

4. Save Yourself from High Energy Costs

It is important to know that the electric energy prices have been increasing over a rapid pace (2.5% and 7% every year).

Going solar will protect you against the high energy prices. Not only will this save you a lot of money, but also make the bill amount more consistent. Your savings will be equal to the costs you avoid by going solar, so if energy rates are high in your area, you’ll be saving more.

Moreover, electricity prices are guaranteed to rise every year which clearly suggests that your savings will continue to grow every year over the 25 – 30 year lifespan of your solar panel system.

5. Increase Your Property Value

Several studies show that properties equipped with solar power have increased values - 3-4% above similar ones in the same area.

Buyers are interested in properties with low or non-existent utility bills and in reducing their impact on the environment. Solar panel does exactly that, which makes the property lucrative to potential buyers.

It is important for you to remember that choosing the right solar installation company plays a crucial role when going solar. For this, you need to invest sufficient time in research. Searching on the Web can help you greatly in finding the right solar panel installation company in your area. For instance, if you live in the city of San Bernardino in California, you can search online for solar panels San Bernardino. This will provide you with a list of relevant results.


Right from reducing your carbon footprint to saving a substantial amount of money - solar power is not only an excellent energy source but also a great investment. Moreover, installing such a system will also add more desirability and value to your property. This could give you an edge in the competitive real estate market. The above-mentioned reasons clearly state how installing a solar system can result in a significant number of advantages. So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with a skilled solar panel installation company and go solar!

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