3 Reasons Why Going Solar Makes Sense

Published: Mon 04 Apr 2016
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Solar energy is a source of reliable, safe, clean and sustainable energy. Our dependence on non-renewable sources of energy has put enormous strain on natural resources and have tipped the balance of nature towards global warming, water scarcity and unpredictable weather changes.
We own electronic gadgets of every size and power consumption capacity, for virtually every need. This has spurred energy use to unprecedented level, placing a huge strain on energy supplies.
Alternative energy sources help slow down exploitation of limited fossil fuels. Fossil fuels take thousands of years to form and there is a very limited quantity remaining in the earth’s crust, after centuries of use.
Sun is the single biggest source of energy that humans know of. Solar energy is free, renewable and abundant. Here are a few reasons why you should consider utilizing solar energy for your home needs.
1) There Is No Gain in Delaying Going Solar
Installing solar roofing panels helps you trap abundant sunlight falling on your house and convert it into energy. The biggest expected gain is always the much touted fall in power bills and the ensuing savings.
What once kept people away from going solar for their home needs was the high cost of solar panels, installation and maintenance. 
But over the last few years the cost of solar panels has fallen drastically and is on par with what you would spend on a home renovation job. Also, installation of solar panels is a one-time cost and keeps paying back as long as the panels are in use.
On an average a solar panel has a lifespan of around 30 years with virtually no drop in efficiency. Also, maintenance work can be limited to hosing down the panels a few times in summer and preventing them from getting clouded by dust and falling leaves. You also should ideally sweep the roof and clear it of strewn leaves and other debris from time to time. As you can see, these are routine maintenance jobs that hardly cost any money and do not require hard labor.
Soaring power bills and the desire to do your bit for the planet make it necessary that you consider solar energy as a viable power alternative.
2) Solar Technology Has Grown by Leaps and Bounds 
It can be seen that today’s systems give you far better results than what was possible a few years back. Technology has grown exponentially and the cost of setting up a solar system has dropped by a massive 99% during the years in between 1977 and 2013. Compared to this, grid-provided power costs have risen by almost 37% in most American states between 2010 and 2013!
Solar panels are made of modules of tightly packed solar cells that trap sunlight and convert them into direct current (DC). 
Other than the racking system and solar panels, what is required to make your own solar energy is an inverter that converts DC into alternating current (AC).
Installers, over the years, have gained experience in efficient mounting and setting up of panels and racking systems. The whole process is extremely streamlined and providers have honed their skills to get your residential solar system up and running in less than a day. 
Future advancements include the use of nanoparticles in solar cells. These solid-state cells are highly light-sensitive and can lead to cheaper, smaller and flexible solar cells. Though the technology is yet to be available commercially you can expect to see sustained developments that can be easily incorporated into your existing systems to get better results.
3) Enjoy Your Savings
Though solar cells can draw sun’s energy even on cloudy days, it is not easy to generalize outputs and efficiency. Each home is different and it is possible that your neighbor will get a different output from a solar panel system very similar to yours. But nation-wide studies have conclusively proved that solar panels can help cut monthly power bills by almost 50%.
Experts in solar installation Ontario will be able to help you calculate how beneficial it will be setting up solar panels for your home energy needs. Sunny California including San Diego has very favorable climatic conditions for harvesting solar energy. Also the recent local Government push for going 100% renewable to meet all energy requirements has been very encouraging to residents considering the solar alternative.
Tax rebates and credits are offered by local, state and federal Governments to encourage homeowners to consider clean and sustainable solar energy options.
You can also sign up for single-family affordable solar home programs that support households with median income below that of state level. In states where there is no rebate for installing solar systems such schemes may help you cover the entire installation cost. This proves that affordable solar power is not available only to the rich, and that there are means to bring down overall upfront costs considerably.
Solar energy is dependable and cost-effective, and is also good for the planet. Now is the right time to go solar because you can reduce costs by making use of federal tax incentives which are set to lapse by the end of 2016. Consult installation experts to find out the right option for you and decide on the most cost-effective financing method. Solar energy has saved thousands of dollars for Americans on power bills, so why not give serious thought to going solar this year?