2013 North American Assembly

Published: Wed 19 Jun 2013
A blog entry by Greg Jones

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Greg Jones
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The North American Assembly is a leading international conference and networking forum hosted by The Oil Council for the finance and investment communities. The conference is held in the Four Seasons Hotel in Houston and focuses on the business challenges most pressing to the oil and gas industry, and ways to overcome these problems. The hotel has luxury apartment style suites, a spa and innovative Italian cuisine, allowing you to relax and explore Houston, while attending the assembly.

The conference runs from the 22nd to23rd October 2013, and brings together over 400 senior oil and gas executives (CEOs, CFOs, EVPs, SVPs, Directors ect.), as well as investment and financial professionals (Fund Managers, Partners, Investment Bankers, Private Equity Investors, ect.) to discuss the industry problems and possible solutions. On this year’s agenda is North America’s place in the global energy market, the energy market’s growth strategies, new technologies and the natural gas opportunities on the continent.

The talks are split into 10 one-hour sessions, where the guest speaker focuses on one specific problem or issue facing the industry. After the talk is completed, there is time for a short Q&A session. This is designed to really engage all the delegates in debating these industry issues. Importantly, the event is held under Chatam House Rule, allowing industry leaders the opportunity to speak without aligning themselves with or against any particular organisation’s views on the matter.  

The Oil Council’s North American Assembly has fast established itself as one of the most attended and important energy events of the year. It has been dubbed the ‘go-to’ event for oil and gas executives looking to engage with peers without the bureaucratic red tape that often follows these topics.

Robert Turnham, CEO of Goodrich Petroleum, expresses his opinion on the assembly when he says, "I enjoyed attending and participating in the recent Oil Council event in Houston. I found the topics interesting and speakers well-informed, and in particular appreciated the opportunity to share my thoughts on managing growth and returns in these somewhat volatile times".

The North American Assembly is the leading oil and gas conference in the world. Become a sponsor or partner of the event and find out more from the experts in the field. Topics include, but are not limited to, current global oil problems, financing issues and the sustainability of these practices.