2 Million PRIME Meters Deployed! Poland Utility Energa-Operator Chose PRIME for its Open Standard.

Published: Mon 13 May 2013
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Brussels, 13th May 2013

PRIME, as a communications technology, is now used in 2 million deployed meters across Europe.  This important milestone has been met earlier than predicted and as the rollouts continue the meter counter on PRIME Alliance’s new website increases at a steady pace.  

Widespread deployments with excellent performance results underline the maturity of the PRIME technology. At the beginning of the year, Energa-Operator, one of the largest utilities in Poland chose PRIME technology for their continued metering rollout.  Energa-Operator selected PRIME as a standard due to its high bandwidth and the openness of the standard, when compared to other standards in this market.  Right now there are 15 different companies that have PRIME Certified products, with 23 different meters and chipsets having passed PRIME Certification with the independent laboratories DNV Kema or Tecnalia.
Energa-Operator also recognised they could call on support from other DSO’s with experience of PRIME deployments.  In addition to Iberdrola, who led the initial consortium of companies that formed the PRIME Alliance, EDP the largest utility in Portugal and Gas Natural Fenosa, Spain who have replaced over 600,000 old electric meters with PRIME technology from 10 different manufacturers, have considerable experience with PRIME.
As part of the deployment, Energa will be installing 310,000 single and three phase smart meters from ADD Grup, each of these meters will connect to Data Concentrators from ORMAZABAL CURRENT, located within 3,200 distribution transformer stations utilizing the PRIME power-line communication standard. The system not only enables state-of-the-art smart metering but also value added features such as energy-balancing, transformer voltage and load monitoring and other grid based applications. The advanced functionality of the Data Concentrator installed at the transformer station will allow Energa to monitor transformer assets and further improve grid reliability. (Note: Energa 310,000 meters are not included in the 2 million PRIME meters already deployed).
PRIME is a fully open, license free, multi-vendor interoperable PLC System based on non-proprietary telecommunications architecture which supports present and future AMM functionalities. PRIME is a modern low cost but high performance technology – a stable and future proofed OFDM PLC technology, giving high performance and high speeds.  Because PRIME is non-proprietary, license free open standard this results in lower meter costs (CAPEX) and lower communication carrier costs (OPEX).  Already an International standard published as Recommendation ITU-T G.9904, as well as a Normative Annex of IEEE P1901.2 standard and Powerline carrier communications technology within CENELEC Band A - PRIME is also one of the technologies selected by CENELEC for standardisation under the European Commission’s mandate M/441. 
About PRIME Alliance
PRIME (PoweRline Intelligent Metering Evolution) Alliance was created in 2009 to define an open and future-proofed communications PLC-based infrastructure to support large scale smart metering and other smart grid deployments.  The goal of the Alliance is to provide a framework in which the smart metering and smart grid industry have access to open detailed technical specifications in order to develop fully interoperable solutions, which would allow multiple vendors to be operational within the same distribution network in one common system architecture. Detailed technical specs include Physical PHY layer and Medium Access Control MAC layer specifications.
PRIME Alliance provides a forum for the definition, maintenance and support of an open and comprehensive standard for narrowband power line for Smart Grid products and services. The mission of the Alliance is to accelerate the demand for products and services based on this worldwide standard and promote the broad adoption and use of the specification while certifying multi-vendor interoperability and compatibility with the global standard.  The Alliance is open to all potential partners who agree to actively support and promote an open and public specification for the benefit of the end-user and all industry stakeholders. Visit www.prime-alliance.org for more information or to join the Alliance.
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