“MarelliMotori: with Africa’s natural resources and our global experience, we can as a team bring to the table affordable and rapid solutions from design to operation.”

Published: Fri 21 Feb 2014
A blog entry by Annemarie Roodbol

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Annemarie Roodbol
Senior Communications Manager

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Exclusive interview with Dean Pratt, MarelliMotori’s Regional Manager Africa.  MarelliMotori is a longstanding platinum sponsor of Clean Power Africa, taking place in Cape Town from 13-14 May.

What Marelli projects are you most excited about?
1: The Carlyle Group support for further expansion
2: Business segment boosted by the introduction of our Malaysian manufacturing facility
3: last year MarelliMotori signed a frame agreement with CATERPILLAR
4: Oil and Gas motors (power expansion through the recent development of 450 frame - exceeding 800kW) 
5: IEC Ex meaning O&G products to be internationally approved
6: IE3 high efficiency motors
7: Larger machines with weight up to 60 Tons, for applications such as hydro, steam, gas turbines and marine can now be built due to the recent Italian factory expansion
8: Additional testing capabilities due to the recent Italian factory expansion
9: Expansion of co-generation applications (larger units - UL field complaint)
10: Innovative solutions for our marine division (hybrid motor generator, larger water jacket motors, variable speed generators)

What makes Marelli competitive in this market?
1: Global presence
2: Flexibility in our approach to customer needs
3: Independent Manufacturer
4: Quality
5: Standard to customized solutions
6: Minimum total cost of ownership
7: Service

What do you see as the major challenges in the utility sphere?
1: Bureaucracy
2: The availability of finance
3: lack of planning
4: lack of maintenance/ skills

What is your vision for the energy sector?
We are very excited. The IEA (International Energy Agency) expects energy demands to increase by 50% over the next years. Africa and Asia are in desperate need of energy.

What are the main challenges to incorporating energy into mainstream society?
1: Bureaucracy
2: Environmental issues
3: The availability of finance
4: Costs

What opportunities do you see in South Africa/Africa?
The opportunities are endless. As mentioned earlier Africa is in desperate need of energy. Africa has an abundance of natural resources (sun, water & gas) to name a few. These opportunities could be fast tracked if there was less bureaucracy.

Why did you decide to partner with Clean Power Africa again? 
1: Networking opportunities with some of Africa’s decision makers.
2: Seminars to showcase our latest developments.
3: The AUW has continued to improve (we have partnered with them for the last 5 years) and has evolved into a world class event.

What will be your specific message at the event?
Less bureaucracy. With Africa’s natural resources and our global experience, we can as a team bring to the table affordable and rapid solutions from design to operation.

Anything you would like to add?
1: Our local presence in South Africa reaffirms our commitment to the African continent
2: We are busy with hydro projects in Africa
3: We are busy within steel mill sector in Africa
4: We are busy in the Oil & Gas sector in Africa