“I intend to bring the audience up to speed with the City’s project to enable grid connected small scale renewable energy generation”

Published: Fri 21 Feb 2014
A blog entry by Annemarie Roodbol

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Annemarie Roodbol
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Interview with Brian Jones, Head: Green Energy, Electricity Services, City of Cape Town.  He is also one of several City of Cape Town experts speaking at the upcoming African Utility Week and Clean Power Africa from 13-14 May in Cape Town.

1)   Your position as Head of Green Energy for the City of Cape Town, what does it entail?
Facilitate renewable energy projects for/in the City.

2)   Any specific projects/success stories you are particularly excited about?
• The City signing a 20 year PPA with the Darling Wind Farm thus enabling the country’s first commercial wind farm to be established.
• The City’s current project to promote the uptake solar water heaters through the endorsement of service providers who meet stringent requirements set by the City for quality and customer service.
• The City’s efforts to enable grid connection of small scale embedded renewable generation- soon to become a reality.

3)  How is the City encouraging its residents to live greener?
The City has and is running numerous educational and sustainable living promotion initiatives, including running and Energy Efficiency campaign, and publishing a Smart Living  Handbook- available online- to guide its residents regarding sustainable living practices: http://www.capetown.gov.za/en/EnvironmentalResourceManagement/Documents/Smart%20Living%20Handbook%20Xho%20-%202%20Energy%20section%202009_06.pdf

4)  During the Large Power Users track at this year’s African Utility Week and Clean Power Africa, you will address:  Small scale renewable electricity generation in the City of Cape Town.  Can you give us a preview of what your message will be? 
I intend to bring the audience up to speed with the City’s project to enable grid connected small scale renewable energy generation, and also touch on the funding of small scale renewable energy generation as proposed in the latest draft of the national IRP (which should have been finalised by the time of African Utility Week).

5)   How would you compare Cape Town’s green efforts to other large cities in South Africa/Africa?
Cape Town is a leading City in this regard. It has just been nominated as South Africa’s Earth hour Capital for its environmental efforts:  http://www.wwf.org.za/?9981/Cape-Town-named-SAs-Earth-Hour-Capital

For more information on African Utility Week go to:  www.african-utility-week.com