Global smart meter opportunities

Tue 16 Jul 2019
Ongoing and new rollouts ensure a buoyant market for smart meters while new analytics solutions are emerging to extract their value.

Why are US utilities missing the low hanging fruit?

Mon 15 Jul 2019
Untapped efficiencies could mean that hundreds of millions of dollars are being missed by transmission system operators in the US, and the regulator is asking whether policies should change.
Cloud cybersecurity

Editorial: Utilities embark on a cyber odyssey

Tue 09 Jul 2019
Senior officials in the EU and the US are waking up to the cyber security threat to critical infrastructure as digitalisation and decentralisation lower the barriers for hackers.

EU gets to grips with cyber security

Fri 05 Jul 2019
The EU’s cyber security strategy is shifting gears now that key legislation has come into force and the Commission is preparing to start work on a new network code.