China –To Clean Up its Act?

Wed 27 Feb 2013
China realizes that it must do something about its high pollution levels. Plans, to become greener, are in the pipeline but are the efforts good enough?

Smart Grid Needs Smart Customer

Wed 20 Feb 2013
As countries gear up to introduce the smart grid, utilities are scrambling to find ways of convincing customers that the new technology is beneficial.

Japan’s Energy Makeover

Wed 20 Feb 2013
While the re-introduction of nuclear remains a great source of debate in Japan, the country faces a low share of renewables in its energy mix.

Smart Grid Technology and the Conventional Grid

Wed 13 Feb 2013
Engerati’s The Future of the Smart Grid: The ICT and Data Management Perspective-The Big Report, discusses how the smart grid will change the way in which the conventional grid operates.