US Power Sector Desperate For Change

Wed 10 Apr 2013
The Bipartisan Policy Center, in its new report, “Capitalizing on the Evolving Power Sector,” makes recommendations on how to improve the US electricity grid.

Japan's Energy Gridlock

Wed 10 Apr 2013
Since the Fukushima disaster, Japan has had to curb energy usage to make up for the lack of nuclear power. But how long can this energy preservation go on before it cripples the country’s economy?

Interview: Mats Nilsson: The Transition to a Smarter System

Wed 27 Mar 2013
Mats Nilsson, Economist at Vattenfall (Sweden), discusses his view on the challenges experienced during the transition to smarter and more energy efficient systems. Mr Nilsson will also be presenting at Smart Utilities Scandinavia on 17-18 April in Stockholm.